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Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
2:20 pm
Star Trek:Zero I likes it.

Yes, It was only Hamburger and not a Steak dinner of a movie... But it was really good hamburger -with the lot and a cold beer!

Of the actors, I liked them all -except for the poor guy doing Chekov. His accent was never THAT bad.

Karl Urban was fantastic, and Zachary Quinto was excellent. Pegg -YAY!

In all the ads n trailers they gave the impression that Uhura was hot for Kirk -sooo happy that was not the case.

Speaking of Kirk, him getting the crap kicked out of him every five minutes was the best thing they did with him -it just endeared him to me instead of the normal apathy I feel for him. It makes him a bit of an underdog rather than the superhero-wish-fulfillment-guy-who-never-loses he normally is.

I ran into Pols workmate Tony, he mentioned Kirk didn't win a single fight -except by cheating, ie: the Romulan he shot in the gut with his own gun. I like that.

The awkward exposition of why they have their cake and eat another one too, was thankfully brief. But is -to my mind- the best thing they could have done; I am very happy with it. The original continuity is preserved -and could even be continued if they wish- but we get to have all new adventures with different-but same characters.

Of course... Nero staying angry -for 25 YEARS??? instead of doing something about it??? and the Supernova that will destroy all space -but a blackhole that can stop said supernova ...won't???

Meh, hambuger.

Now I want MORE! Tv series and Movies!

...now damn it!


Sunday, January 4th, 2009
5:48 pm
OK, I'm coming down to Melbourne, later this month; to visit family and meet up with friends who are stopping over on their way home from the UK. And it has been a while since I lived there -and that was for only 3 months in the early 80's.

So, where are all the good Steamer, Geek n Gamer places/stores in Melb?

I know of Global gear & MilSims, but what others? Comic, Book, Collectables, Toys, Clothes, etc

And I esp. want a long coat; a black Trench coat is the preference.

And what else is there to do or see -has been more than 20 years since I have visited. I was... 10? omg that was a bit longer than 20 ...grrrrrr
Tuesday, November 18th, 2008
5:42 pm
Is there any brand of Laptop that is [other than Mac] particualy good OR are there brands that I should avoid ...say Compac?

I want a back-up-PC / travel-PC / watch-downloaded-stuff-n-play-old-games-PC thingie.


Monday, November 10th, 2008
12:06 pm
Thursday, November 6th, 2008
9:58 pm
Prometheus Bound 22nd Nov
Might I -in the interests of science- pique your curiosity in this?

www.myspace.com/prometheusbound01                 there is also a Facebook event for this little soiree.

Weather -such as it is- I anticipate; can be the only obstacle to a wholly successful evening.

Monday, October 27th, 2008
7:04 am
I CAN HAS COFFIN? or update: Hexadecimal Honeyed Hobbits Hysterical Halloween Harlequinade!
I am on days off this week to do a bit of cleaning and prepare for teh Partei. And as part of planing where to hide some junk I had a look out in the shed -where I discovered a pair of mountain bikes; they are in almost new condition 'cept that they both have flat tires.

Who owns them?

Also, there was much fun had yesterday when peeps came over to make partei decorations -I can has COFFIN? So sweet to see everyone getting involved: Paul n Lex  with Eden in some sort of assembly line of cardboard bats, spiders n jack o lanterns -like an evil sewing circle.

It was sooo nice to see Lilly so excited about it all -running about to n fro, hands covered in paint, speaking at a million miles an hour, piles of cut up card board getting under foot, wads of sticky tape every where, more running about, all my stationary spread from one end of the house to the other, even more running about, getting head spins from the fumes of the spray paint ...awwww do you need to lie down for awhile? Ok, you do that -wuve u!

I get to watch her this arvo: "My, my Lilly -what's this? I went and bought a bunch of new garbage bags; how exciting! Want to play a fun game: Uncle Guppy has a beer -while you get to pick up recover all the... um, Dragons treasure! Why yes, I DO think it will be great fun!"


Thursday, October 16th, 2008
8:12 pm
Hexadecimal Honeyed Hobbits Hysterical Halloween Harlequinade!
This is a repost from my Facebook:

A Kid/Adult friendly Halloween Masquerade Partei @ chez Gup!
Friday 31st October
Kids 6pm - 9pm-ish
Adults 9pm - late

The Lilly-mon has issued a decree that a partei be held to celebrate the "Annual kids get LOTS OF CANDY night" and for me to host such a soiree.

So, as the weather is sort of random now -we shall have a Masquerade partei. --That way, if it is too muggy people can come casual and still participate in the festivities.

But feel free to get fully kitted up!

The plan is for all the younglings [under 15's that is] to be fed [order pizza/whatever 'bout 7ish] and candied to the eyeballs by 8 or 9 pm --and then be sat down to watch a bunch of films upstairs [or have a sleep over] while the adults continue to have fun downstars.

Please bring:
-Food ------[a plate or something gizme a call]
-Drink ------[something for yourself, but also for the kids]
-a Mask or better
-a DVD for the kids to vote on to watch [such as: Teen Wolf, I was a Teenage vampire, Monster Squad, Scooby Doo, Monster House, etc, etc,  --whatevar is the film dujour]

Annnnd don't forget the -CANDY! ---the idea is: if every one brings a bag of lollies -preferably individually wrapped- and we throw them all into a big bucket and mix 'em up them we give the kids [big and small] a bag of them each!

...and a folding chair; as well as some sleeping gear for the kids.

There shall be some of the above provided and hopefully a lot of atmosfear!
Friday, September 26th, 2008
4:55 pm
Polrua B'day Partei! ...ooh Bec-toria's n others too!
We is hosting the big Munky's -n some others- B'day bash tomorrow night [Sat 27th, after 6pm] -sooooo TURN UP!

Its an excuse to BOOZE UP 'N RIOT!

...well as much as we do anyway.

So, there should be some nibbleys -and pizza is being discussed; but bring some Fud [maybe], Vitamin Booze [most definitely] n Yourselves [Duh] and maybe a folding chair [so you can sit!] as many of mine have got broke recently -AND HAVE A GOOD TIME!


Friday, September 5th, 2008
3:02 pm
Friday, August 29th, 2008
7:27 pm
Party, Part-ay, Partei!

30th August
Windsor Palace
6pm onwards

That is all...
Friday, August 22nd, 2008
8:56 am
Where do you get a Trench/Long coat that fits, in Brisbane?!
The Steampunk partei is next weekend and I've hit a bit of a snag, my London Fog trench coat is too small [across the sholders of all places!] -it was a tad small when I bought it maybe 14 years ago; but now it is just no good at all.

Apart from the costume angle -I don't really expect to get one before the partei anymore; I'd just really like a nice coat  -y'know? 

So, I'm on the hunt for a Trench or Long coat -Black!- for real person size 4-5XL [thats a 50+ I think?] Wool great coats are not quite right:

1, I don't like wool. -too scratchy.
2, Waaay too hot in Queensland.
3, Always seem to be a little dingy looking.

So, does anyone know where I can get one or If anyone makes them?

Budget is: $200 ...but the cheaper, the better -of course!

Thursday, August 21st, 2008
1:43 pm
KEATING! was on ABC2 last night as part of the "ABC Live Presents" series, was v. good

 -'cept the sound people were a second or two behind a few times 

--aaannd the damn presenters hogged the mike at the end, so we missed most of what Keating was saying when he thanked the cast for such a great show.

I did NOT record it to DVD in the interests of posterity. So there is absolutely no point in asking me for a copy to treasure forever. -none what so ever.  

Monday, August 18th, 2008
5:09 pm
Sunday, August 17th, 2008
11:06 am
Musgrave World Medieval Tournament !?! ...a Rose by another name???
Not to imply that the Med-Fayre smells sweetly; But it can be sweet.

Thanks greenglowgrrl; I was going to have a giant rant in my last post that there was NO web presence at all . 

But of course --they cannot call it the "Brisbane Medieval Fayre" s-h-i-t-e! 

I mean -its a medieval fayre -in Brisbane!    --What the phauk else would you call it???  AAAARRRRRGGGHHHH! 

It has to have some goddamn awful other name [copyright, trademarks and other bullcrap -grrr] the sad thing is half a dozen people have told me they have tried the reasonable thing and done a search for "Brisbane Medieval Fayre" [just like I did] and come up with nothing just as I did.

Here is the only linkie I have been able to find --and I would never have found it if greenglowgrrl had not done it first.  -YAY!


Not much -but at least its something; hopefully they will have a real webpage up soon. 

Saturday, August 16th, 2008
4:30 pm
BRISBANE MEDIEVAL FAYRE! 20th & 21st September '08! Musgrave park, West End!

Yes, there is a Brisbane Medieval Fayre this year --all sorts of rumours going round right now. 

          --Apparently there will be a beer tent!
          --And there will be stuff ...there
          --um... er... BEER TENT!

...well thats all that really matters, as far as I'm concerned:   If there is sufficent space to sit and chat while having a drink and make frequent sorties to the german sausage stand [for cheese Kransky] --I will be a damn happy guppy!

So... YAY!

BRISBANE MEDIEVAL FAYRE! 20th & 21st September '08! Musgrave park, West End! 


Thursday, July 17th, 2008
12:20 pm
Fallout 3 ---Banned in Oz???

Once again the lack of any real system of classification screws us over; the latest installment in a truly great series of games -and almost ten years since the last- is being banned because it has drug use [albeit fairly realistic drug use] :


Go sign the petition:


Why is it we still do not have the same ratings for all forms of media? Be it movies, tv, books and vid games???

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
9:55 pm
Party, Partei, Par-tay! FREAKY FRIDAY @ Casa Del GUP!
This Friday is a 13th! And we is having a B'day bash for three people: Rasmussen, Perrin and Laka. So come one, come all! to the Windsor household and wish them well!

Bring Nibbles and Booze-ahol, bring partei cheer and... bring a yard chair -so you have somewhere to sit [peeps have been breaking mine

There is talk of Lovecats.
There is talk of sending the few children who will be there, to the upstairs to watch movies. 
There is talk of costumes!

Theme: Well Perrin said "Freaky Friday" -but does not explain; so I say: "Halloween / Goth / 50's B grade movie / whateva!

Friday, May 23rd, 2008
12:25 pm
Wicked! and Rocky! in Melbourne!
Rocky, is now going to Melbourne and starts in September: http://www.rockyhorror.com.au/news_melb.html

And Wicked, http://www.wickedthemusical.com.au/wicked/home.html has bookings into January next year [even if Ticketek only goes up to the end of August]  -so a trip down in September is now when I want to go.

1:03 am
I bought a bloody great SWORD for a $1!!! -or Guppy's further adventures in EBAY!
Ebay is... Fun!
Ebay is... Wonderful!
Ebay is... Helping me find things that I have been looking for -for years!
Ebay is... BAD!
Ebay is... Painful!
Ebay is... Helping me find things that I have been looking for -for years!

Ebay is... Taking all my money!

I like and loathe -in equal measure- Ebay. ...that is not true, I really like it, I like the fact that I have found a bunch of v. cheap DVDs, some kewl aviator goggles, a crapload of stuff that I did not know I needed AND a truckload of Miniatures and Bitz for miniatures, that I thought I would never -ever- see again. And at a price a shiteload less than I thought I would have to pay to ever get them all; but I am not happy that I can find almost anything -and I do mean anything; which -with my compulsive nature, is like blood in the water for sharks!

Some thoughts, on some things I've noticed:

--Necromunda plastic Bulkheads [small 3inch square "walls" that came with the original boxed set] have become a something of a commodity; they can command a v. good price [-for what they are. The highest I've seen so far is roughly $5ea! but a reasonable price is $2-3] if I did not want to use them to build and then paint terrain for said game -I could make a bit of money!

--It is amazing how high some people will bid for things and how early they do it. I was bidding on a large boxed set for 40k Cities of Death, worth $300 brand new [your Friendly Local Games Store -such as Ace Comics and Games and other stores will sell it at 10% off so more like $270] so my reasonable limit was $100 to 150 it would depend on how I felt. But the bidding finished at $230-odd, not counting postage and the set weighs upwards of a kilo and a half -it's big! -dickheads!

--I am suspicious of the French! I have always been so. This is nothing new; but now I have real reasons: An auction I bid on was for a bunch of Airfix Robogear [a sort of wargames water-wings set. V. Mechwarrior-ish! With snap-together models of soldiers, vehcles and buildings with some basic paints and a simple set of rules -where you can use dice and rulers to resolve the battle  OR just use the spring loaded plastic dart throwers and shoot the other kids toys! KEWLl! http://www.robogear.ru/eng/  http://www.imex-model.com/games1.htm it is interesting that Aifix does not have a web presence for them. I can see it as a good way to get a younger person straight into the hobby without the burden of complex rules; much like what basic DnD was meant to be --I myself, wanted them to break all the sets down for PARTS!  Bitz! More for the Bitz God! yay]
...So, the starting bids were 1euro, "kewl" I say I'll start with 2 then -you have been out bidded. Mmrmm... Oh-kay, I'll try 5 then -out bidded. Meh -it's ok, I'll leave it as I have just found that deals direct has some http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/p/airfix-robogear-battle-model-kit/ [which I have now received -and they are pretty kewl -NOT GREAT! just decent for what they are; worth the 40bucks. So, go have a look xutech!]
...so I go back to looking for a toy Han Solo blaster -always wanted one! When up pops a message "You have a second chance offer" IT seems that the other bidder has had to cancel his offer on the sets and I have been given the chance to make the purchase -at the last highest offer. Which just so happens to be 4.99euro an ALL 6 SETS!?!?! One or two -Yes! even 4 maybe -But ALL SIX!???? Something smells.    ...S.I.G.H.

--Only bid with someone who will combine postage on multiple items! This is pretty much common sense and almost every one does it as a matter of course [I even got a refund from one!!! I gave him VERY good feedback!] -but there are some real turds out there.

--Go to Global Gear's,  99cent Ebay site http://stores.ebay.com.au/GlobalGear-online They are not really 99cents -the bidding starts there PLUS $35 delivery fee [combined postage is 20% off] but so far I have got one sword at $1 + $29 delivery fee and on the normal 'site http://www.globalgear.com.au/ it was worth $120 +delivery fee, So... Scooore!

Anyhoo, I started this just on 1am and it is now after 3am -tired!

Guppy, fall down -go BOOM!
Monday, May 12th, 2008
9:02 pm
Missing DVDs! and Daydreams of Wood Chippers! -nnnnaaarrrnnn!!!!
The other night we were listening to "Once more, with feeling" -the Buffy musical- when Emma piped up that she had never seen any Buffy before...

I was stunned, I was shocked -I was! So, I gave her the lot so she can watch them at home -maybe lilly will like them as well.  But today when I went down to the HJ's to grab a crap lunch, da Em tells me: my Season 3 of Buffy has gone missing -both multidisc cases -Weird!

Am pretty sure I loaned the entire lot of Buffy n Angel to someone a while ago and was sure I got it all back -ok maybe not that sure.  So, as I have a memory like a sieve! Can any of you have a look about and see if you have a pair of season 3 Buffy laying about???

The young Emma's pop culture education is at stake!

p.s. I cleaned out some of the shed today -fIEND you still have crap in the shed- had next ot no fun at all cleaning out the trash. Had to sort though lots of boxes of what was up to seven years ago: good, well packed and cared for books and wargames gear; but is now quite often ruined from the cockroaches, mice and weather.

While tipping whole archive boxes of what used to be treasured belongings into the rapidly filling wheelie bin ...I discovered the true extent of my miniature hoarding... it's pretty kewl actually -except for all of fIEND's crap in the shed- LOTS of plastic sprues of Space marines [of course] but a suprisingly large amount of Imperial Guard and Tanks and Vehicles, even some fantasy stuff as well: Orcs, Dwarves, Elves n Gobbos -and fIEND you still have crap taking up room in the shed- a big lot of terrain stuff I could not remember stuffing in there; mainly because of all of fIEND's -crap in the shed.

So, other than thinking maybe I can afford another giant skip bin to get rid of even more trash; I also had strange daydreams of what it would be like to have FUN with a WOOD CHIPPER!


mrrmmm... I wonder if that was a little too subtle?

p.p.s. Not really angry about fIEND's -crap in the shed, just would like it gone. hehe
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